Beaumont Galveston Silsbee 11th-Month Home Warranty Inspection service TXNo matter the age of the home, there will always be a few items in less than perfect condition. Most homeowners think that new homes are perfect, but even with new homes, things can go wrong quickly. Newly constructed homes have 1-year builder’s warranty which holds the builder responsible for defects found before the warranty expires.

Identifying any potential problems, repairs and deficiencies during the first year is much better than suffering substantial damages later down the road. At Texas Country Inspection, we’re the area’s leading trusted source for 11-Month home warranty inspections. We fully inspect the entire home, document any defects discovered and make necessary claims before the warranty period expires.

Home Warranty Inspection

The construction of a new home requires an enormous amount of materials, workers, and methods of construction. Sometimes, most new homeowners will realize after a few months that everything is not that perfect. With so many different moving parts, it is common that some hidden issues will develop within the first year of occupancy.

An 11-Month warranty Inspection is a complete inspection of the home, not a limited one. From the roof to the foundation, inside and out. A professional and thorough third-party home inspection provides the homeowner with a list of recommended repairs and corrective actions that would essentially bring the home back to “like new” condition.

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    What are 11th-month home warranty inspections?

    A proper inspection of your new home is critical to avoiding troubles. Often called an 11th month inspection or 1-year warranty inspection, this service is provided to new home buyers near the end of their first-year builder warranty period. This is used to identify any deficiencies that may be covered under the builder’s warranty.

    Why It’s Important to Conduct an 11th-Month Warranty Inspection?

    Even homes built by the best builders will always have problems along the way. Believe it or not, some defects go undetected until a home is lived in. With so many separate activities all going on at the same time, it’s nearly impossible for the builder to closely monitor all stages of home construction.

    Having a home warranty inspection conducted is a cost-effective way to identify deficiencies in the structural, mechanical, and appliances in homes. A written report is produced with a summary of recommended repairs that can be provided to builders during the warranty period. This is where the trusted team at Texas Country Inspection can help.

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    When it’s time for an 11th-month home warranty inspection, due your due diligence before hiring any standard inspector you find. At Texas Country Inspection, we have a long-proven track record through perseverance and first class customer service that’s allowed us to service numerous happy clients and real estate agents. Call us today to get started!